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Who we are

Worthy Fabrics is a third-generation family-owned textiles wholesaler. Initially established four decades ago, we continue to distinguish ourselves through our sincere commitment to import and export an array of premium quality textiles, whilst providing exceptional service. Our organisation is dedicated to bringing innovation, creative design, and growth in the world of textiles.

The company, originally known as Worthy Enterprises, was founded by DK Patel in Fiji during the 1970s. Through the years, Worthy Fabrics has tirelessly forged a strong bond with the Pacific Islands, positioning itself as one of the largest and most trusted textiles wholesalers throughout the Pacific region.

In 1988, we relocated from Fiji to Auckland, New Zealand. This development enabled our expansion to best distribute the finest quality textiles, garments, and general merchandise.

Today our convenient Auckland location enables us to supply and ship to more than fourteen Pacific Island destinations, as well as throughout New Zealand.